Miracle Baby’s friend accuses Mwalimu Rachel for assault.


Miracle Baby’s friend, Martin Mbugua has accused Radio Presenter and Manager to Sailors Gang, Mwalimu Rachel for beating him with her four accomplices.

Otheranks 110x32_v1 Miracle Baby’s friend accuses Mwalimu Rachel for assault.

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Otheranks report Miracle Baby’s friend accuses Mwalimu Rachel for assault.

Martin reported the assault report at Kinoo Police Station. According to the report, Mwalimu Rachel allegedly tortured spat and insulted Mbugua because Sailors lead singer Miracle Baby failed to turn up for a commercial shoot.

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Otheranks sailors-2 Miracle Baby’s friend accuses Mwalimu Rachel for assault.
Sailors Gang with Mwalimu Rachel

During the incident, Miracle Baby’s friend was bound with a wire in the boot of his car, where two of his dreadlocks were removed and his phone and wallet were taken. Standard Digital reported that Martin had gone to a friend’s funeral with Peter in Ndederu, and they found Mwalimu Rachel waiting for them when they dropped Miracle’s baby in Kinoo.

Mbugua is a close friend to Miracle Baby since they grew up together in Streetnizers Ministries Transformation Centre. After this tragic incident, Mbugua was rushed to the hospital.

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“She came directly to me and started slapping me before calling on the other guys to join in on the beating. One of them who was heavily built meted out the worst beating. During the assault, Rachel was insulting and spitting on me. Then she demanded that I explain to them what had happened on that day,” 

Since I was new to that area, I stopped and the assault continued on the road, with the guy yanking my dreadlocks. He then decided to put me in the boot of the car I had dropped off Peter in. With Peter locked in the house, Mwalimu Rachel and the man started hitting my manhood. I was tortured for almost three hours.” 

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