Comedian Oga Obinna buys a new car for his girlfriend.


Comedian Oga Obinna has bought another new sleek machine for his girlfriend on her birthday. The comedian took it to social media to post a picture of himself and his better half standing in front of the Black Toyota.

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On a long caption Obinna narrated how his girlfriend has always been a fan of that car. He asked her to award the Toyota Passo to her mum, that he bought for her back in 2018.

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Another One. It's your big day and I know the level of crush you had on this car so kindly give your mother the one for last year. I remember you paying for my transport when I used to come to town to perform for 200-500bob in clubs sometimes i know this small token can't pay up all that debt but abeg please manage it for now. I rem most of times you paid for our meals (myself and 2 other friends I used to live with) refilling gas and buying tokens and many other stuff, I'm grateful . I pray this car that I’m gifting you on this your special day will get you closer to you ambitions. I could do this over and over because I know you have a good heart and you deserve better. You always take care of all my offsprings without bias,try to make amends with my other baby mamaz and you dont judge my past. One step at a time. Keep being an amazing person and an amazing Mum to all the kiddos maybe one day I'll buy a noah to fit em all😂😂🙊🙊🙈🙈 Happy Birthday and Happy Thanksgiving Mama Yao.

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The comedian told her girlfriend the new car was a small token of appreciation that can’t cover up all the good deeds she did to him when he struggling with life financially. Obinna reminiscent how his sweetheart used to buy meals for him and friends as well as paying for his fare to town when he was starting comedy.

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Despite of Oga Obinna having four kids with different baby mamas, his lover has always taken good care of his kids as well as built good relationship with the mothers of his children. Something which the comedian is grateful.

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