Jackie Wolper: I dont date Broke men


Jacqueline Wolper is an expensive woman to maintain. Her beauty does not come cheap and she does not date broke men. Her beauty makes her attractive to every man,  She only dates men who can give her Ksh450, 000 (Tsh10 million) every month for maintenance. Jacqueline Wolper is currently single and only interested in dating rich men.  She lives a flashy lifestyle, drives sleek cars and is among the best dressed celebrities in Tanzania and east Africa. This things don’t come cheap.  That’s why she is an expensive woman.


Otheranks 74372692_101809857892931_5464568062780218818_n-819x1024 Jackie Wolper: I dont date Broke men

she told Tanzania’s Global Publishers, “Broke and uncouth men were the ones who troubled my life and made me restless in the past. Currently, I only deal with a man who gives me Tsh10 million (Ksh453, 000) and above. In short, I am living life in the fast lane,”

Otheranks 71182037_2458226511116006_6692728745814399307_n-898x1024 Jackie Wolper: I dont date Broke men

True to her word she has dated some of the richest people in Tanzania.  Harmonize is one of them.  Harmonize and Wolper dated between 2016 and early 2017. In past interviews Wolper says they broke up because Harmonize dint have genuine love for her.  Harmonize started dating Italian Model Sarah after breaking up with Wolper.  Jackie wolper accused sarah for her breaking up with harmonize.




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