Tanzanian actress, Wema Sepetu said the reason for her physical transformation was that she was worried her acting profession was nearly breakdown. She revealed that Van Vicker an actor from Nigerian drove her to roll out the unexpected improvement in her life. The former Miss Tanzania additionally disclosed she is now dating some but would like to keep the affair low profile.

The singer has at long last uncovered the mystery behind her mind-blowing weight loss, something unknown for a while. Wema Sepetu said during an interview with local Television in Tanzania that she saw her acting profession go the wrong way because she was overweight.

The diva revealed how Nigerian entertainer Van Vicker influenced her decision towards weight loss; by asking her why she looked a little bit odd after not seeing each other for some time. That’s how she started being concern about her body and realized how she was gaining weight.

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Wema Sepetu disclosed how she was taking fertility pills so that she could become pregnant. Some of the side effects she experienced were weight gain. She added, she wasn’t able to reveal it to anybody, however, she, later on, did that after doing a ton of research. To her discovery she had a problem with her reproductive system if she wasn’t cautious, she would have gotten cervical cancer.

The young lady was cautioned against using fertility pills and was advised to stop gaining weight by receiving treatment. She, later on, meet a Chinese who exhorted her on some medication which from the start appeared to be over the top and nauseating but later on became accustomed to it. The singer said she has been advised to wait for one and half years to attempt becoming pregnant once again.

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Wema Sepetu proceeded on to disclose that she has been seeing someone one year currently yet was not going to uncover the fortunate guy. She has been on her best Oprah conduct by gifting a companion an enormous shoe shop and furthermore as of late brought her mom an extravagant vehicle.





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