Gilad quits smoking after spending Kshs.20 million on cigarettes for 30 years.


Singer Gilad Millo revealed that he spent Kshs. 20 million buying cigarettes. In an interview with Betty Kyallo, Gilad disclosed being a cigarette addict, claiming that he had been a heavy smoker for over 30 years

During that time, he smoked over 40 cigarettes each day, he encountered difficulties when it came to taking a trip of stairs. He also revealed that he could schedule meetings in areas he was permitted to smoke, else he wouldn’t focus on meetings.

“I was not a big drinker and it’s not like a while I quit. I still have like beer or wine every once in a while. It used to be like you’d go out so you drink. I don’t do that anymore. But the reason behind it more was the quitting of smoking. I used to smoke cigarettes, I got up to two packets a day for 30 years. There are 20 cigarettes in a pack, so I’d smoke over 40 cigarettes a day for 30 plus years I smoked on and off. I don’t think there’s anything worse for you in this world like smoking, it’s a killer. Back then I would go upstairs breathing, coughing, you know you wake up every morning cough and such and it’s a very difficult life. I would plan meeting only in places where I could have a cigarette. Otherwise, I couldn’t even concentrate on the meeting. Today it’s like being born again,” said the singer.

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The “Unajua” hitmaker noted that his journey of quitting smoking started when he visited his mum in Israel and she paid for a course that saw him transform from smoking addiction. According to the singer, he never imagined spending a whole day without cigarettes.

“My mum was forever on my case for smoking and one time I visited Israel and she was like ‘my gift I’m treating you to this seminar, I’m paying you just go’ and I said mum you’re wasting your money I’ll never quit… we calculated when I did the seminar and in my lifetime I spent approximately 15-20 million on cigarettes. Do the math, 30 years of buying this poison, I ended up spending a house,” narrated Gilad.




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