Jose Chameleone’s Life In Danger As He Receives Death Threats.


The Ugandan singer, Jose Chameleone has reported to the police that he is receiving death threats via text messages. He has even called up on  the investigators to speed up their investigations and prosecute those involved. He has even informed his fans on Facebook that he is receiving death threats. Chameleone said an individual calling themselves ‘General’ requested a huge amount of money.

The dancehall musician wrote “I have been receiving threats. This person calling himself General, I first received a message on the 10th September, they demanded 5 Million or I get killed.” He further revealed how he had been ignoring the text messages from the blackmailers who made another request of 8 million shillings.

I ignored the requests and just again today, they are back asking me to send mobile money of 8 Million shillings. I already made my police reports and hope the Uganda Police and security can apprehend such goons that are getting at large. We have had a lot of killings and I am not carrying this lightly. Whosoever is behind this. The public and authority are now aware.”

This event occurs amid the “Wale Wale” hit singer planning to venture into politics. It is reported that Jose Chameleone is eyeing the seat of Mayor in Kampala, A month ago, Chameleone purportedly moved his family to the USA as a precautionary measure against the unstable idea of Ugandan governmental issues.


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