Wema Sepetu collapses during her surprise birthday party.


Tanzanian Actress Wema Sepetu collapsed during her surprise birthday party at her sister’s house in Mbezi Beach.  The party attended by the who’s who in Tanzania entertainment industry. Wema collapsed throwing the party in limbo.  sources say the model collapsed due to ‘over-excitement’ and not starvation as earlier stated.  she was rushed to hospital and later discharged.  after being discharged wema shared photos of the event with caption;

“Bado tupo kwa hio mood mpaka leo maana birthday za ma Libra bado zinazidi kumiminika tuuuu. Hizi picha ni kali sana, zinaitwaga “Caught in Action”.Ni mara chache sana unakutwa kwenye action afu picha ikatokea kali namna hii,”





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