Mbosso and Rayvanny battle to fill up Harmonize’s position.


It’s been almost a month since Harmonize left WCB record label and seems tension is building up at Wasafi Classics Baiby house. According to sources celebrated artistes Rayvanny and Mbosso have been battling to fill the spot left by the “Happy birthday” hitmaker, who was believed to be WCB’s number two after Diamond Platinumz.

Otheranks 468x60_04 Mbosso and Rayvanny battle to fill up Harmonize's position.

According to Global publishers the two Bongo singers have gone to the social media just to prove who should be WCB’s second in hierarchy. This has left both of their fans in rivalry. The two artistes are said to have reignited their friendship and closeness with their boss Diamond, with every last one of them attempting to persuade him to give them the treatment Harmonize used to get while under WCB label.

Sources inside Wasafi had revealed  to the social media that the two have been on Diamond’s case so he could demonstrate to them all the strategies he used to dominate the international market, the similar way he guided Harmonize.”It is true Diamond is the one who showed Harmonize all the avenues to the international market. It is for that reason Rayvanny and Mbosso are fighting to benefit from the same,” revealed an anonymous source

The feeling to replace “Kwa Ngwaru” hit singer came in Diamond’s heart a few weeks after Harmonize left Wasafi to form his Konde Gang label. Harmonize’s departure caused a a commotion online with many of the people saying WCB was on the verge of extinction. Harmonize was regarded as Diamond’s most loved and used to get numerous favors from the creme de la creme artist, an that’s why there’s  tension to fill up his spot .



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