Epic Celebrity Feuds in East Africa.


When celebrities have a feud with each other, it’s totally different. Their private life is exposed to the social media for the world to see. So, when the beef occurs ,it becomes the talk of the town. For some celebrities, the feud has been positive towards them either impacting their popularity or financial breakthrough. While others the beef has led to their down fall. Celebrity beefs tend to became more interesting especially when they involve record house label.

  1. Bahati vs Willy Paul

The beef between Willy Paul and Bahati  has chilled for quite a while, however it made a buzz for their music career. Now that Bahati is more prevalent in acting. Willy Paul has in the past been accused for taking Bahati’s tunes, be that as it may, they had done a song together, which never has never been released.

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Otheranks willy-paul-poze-1024x576 Epic Celebrity Feuds in East Africa.
  1. Khaligraph Jones vs Octopizzo.

When Khaligraph  came into spotlight Octopizzo mocked him by saying he spoke English like a person from Kayole. Khaligraph responded by saying Octo was afraid he might outshine him in the music industry.In a tweet, Octo reacted to a fan saying that he didn’t know who Khaligraph “Omollo” was.

Otheranks Khaligraph-Jones-vs-Octopizzo Epic Celebrity Feuds in East Africa.
  1. Diamond vs Ommy Dimpoz

Diamond and Ommy Dimpoz were friends in the past but became conflicted over allegation the “Baadae” hit singer, had begun dating Diamond’s ex-lover, Wema Sepetu. It was kind of conflicting with brother code.Ommy Dimpoz became best friends with Kiba and even signed to a record label owned by Ali Kiba, Diamond’s rival.

Otheranks Diamond-vs-Ommy-Dimpoz Epic Celebrity Feuds in East Africa.
  1. Sheebah vs Cindy Sanyu

Cindy and Sheebah Karungi got into a heated conversation with each. Cindy said that Sheebah is a terrible performer and can’t match her when it comes to stage performance. This resulted to  music battle where Sheebah attacked Cindy by bragging how rich she was and how she had built a lavish home for herself. Sheebah criticized Cindy by saying she would help her built her dream home, but Cindy replied by saying she already built a house and she does not need help in building her dream home.

Otheranks Sheebah-vs-Cindy-Sanyu Epic Celebrity Feuds in East Africa.
  1. Betty Kyallo vs Susan Kaitanny

K24 TV anchor,Betty Kyallo and Susan  Kaitanny were best friends as well as working colleagues at Posh Palace Beauty Parlour and Spa. The business dispatch was fabulous. Months into their business affiliation, they got into a conflict and it was uncovered that Betty was simply the ‘business’ face. The K24 TV anchor later opened up her business ‘Flair By Betty’  just opposite to Susan’s business . As if that is not enough Susan’s billboards were brought down and replaced with those of Betty Kyallo. Susan later revealed that Betty had called police on her after she would not give Betty back her passport. Since then the two have become business rivals.

Otheranks Betty-Kyallo-vs-Susan-Kaitanny Epic Celebrity Feuds in East Africa.
  1. Bebe Cool vs Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine is regarded as one of the fiercest critics of Museveni.While Bobi Wine was experiencing torment from the Ugandan government, several musicians from Uganda supported him except Bebe Cool. He appears to have agreed with Museveni and that made his fans angry to a point they tossed bottles on stage while he was performing. Bebe Cool’s fans were angry to the fact that he was intimidating Bobi Wine, that he was faking his torture.

Otheranks Bebe-Cool-vs-Bobi-Wine Epic Celebrity Feuds in East Africa.
  1. Diamond vs Ali Kiba

When it comes to declaring who is the king of Bongo music , Bongo fans can agree that they are still undecided on who to adorn with the crown ,as they are divided into TeamDiamond and TeamKiba. The two began their contention when Diamond removed Kiba’s verses in a track they should do together. In 2017, Diamond re-ignited their beef after he alluded to Kiba as Cinderella whom individuals should quit contrasting with. Consequently, Kiba tweeted “I know that you hate me 100% but I give ZERO F**ks #KingKiba” and “The KING ll always Be a KING. je Umeshakitandika nilale MALKIA wangu wa nguvu ?? #KingKiba”.

Otheranks Diamond-vs-Ali-Kiba Epic Celebrity Feuds in East Africa.
  1. Vera Sidika vs Otile Brown.

Vera’s and Otile’s romantic relationship started well as the two love birds posted videos of their romantic destinations on the social media. Otile went ahead to release a song for Vera titled “Baby Love”, in the song she is the video vixen . The song became a hit with 9.2 million views up to date becoming second song by Otile Brown with the highest views on YouTube. Many would have thought that this romantic affair would last but just like any other Celebrity relationship, Vera’s and Otile’s was bound to fail. The bongo singer exposed their love life by saying Vera would ‘touch herself’ each time they get intimate. Vera  openly reacted to Otile saying that he has a little cassava which did not satisfy her compared to  her previous sweethearts.

Otheranks Vera-Sidika-vs-Otile-Brown. Epic Celebrity Feuds in East Africa.



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