It takes years of struggle for one to make a name for himself in the rap industry. In music industry it takes years of hard work and patience for a musician to gain recognition in the industry. In this video we are going to have a look at 8 Rappers Who Destroyed Their Career in Seconds. These are rappers who ruined their music career’s for being involved in crimes, scandals and so on.

  1. Chino XL.

Chino XL had a beef with the legendary Tupac, which started after Chino Xl  mentioning Tupac in one of his debut tracks claiming Tupac had been raped in jail. In no time Tupac replied with a diss track “Hit Em Up” which is referred to the biggest diss track by some people. And when Chino XL replied it more personal something which he though was too much and Tupac’s death, Chino XL never had success again.

6.Milli Vanilli.

The R&B Duo gained world recognition in the late 80’s and their album “Girl You Know It’s True” charted at position one on Billboard 200.The duo won a Grammy award for Best New Artist in 1990.Milli Vanilla ruined their career when it was realized that they were hiring people to sing for them. This was confirmed during an interview with an MTV executive then Beth McCarthy-Miller who said the duo’s English speaking was poor and the first sign was that they might be lip-syncing in their songs

5.Tekashi 6ix9ine.

Tekashi is populary known for hit song “Gummo”. The single received commercial success with 45.7 million streams in its debut week and peaked at number on the Billboard 100.The rapper was doing quite well but his recent charges might ruin the rapper’s reputation. The rapper was arrested and was charged by the Federal for armed robbery and conspiracy to murder and he could face up to life imprisonment on top of his charges he could as be sentenced for child sex video. The rapper is currently detained in a facility, at the moment Tekashi’s career is on the brink of failure and am sure by now the rapper has lost some his audience.

  1. Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne is still popular but not like the way he used to be. In 2013 he released offensive lyrics about Emmett till. Lil Wayne made comparison of sex and the murder of the Icon civil rights which was a lie. The rapper wrote an apology and his words were “I have tremendous respect for those who paved the way for the liberty and opportunities that African-Americans currently enjoy. As a business owner who employs several African-American employees and gives philanthropically to organizations that help youth to pursue their dreams my ultimate intention is to uplift rather than degrade our community.” He then promised not to sing the song again.

  1. Azealia Banks.

Azealia Banks became popular after her single “212” became viral and she became famous gaining new audience. Azealia Banks has had several feuds with a number of celebrities including lady Gaga, Cardi B, and Lil’ Kim. At one time she tweeted racist tweets to Perez Hilton, Skye Jackson and she didn’t know she had ruined her career when tweeted to Zayn Malik and insulted him. Twitter just intervened in time to make her regret her actions but she stills posts hateful things on her social media accounts and there’s no one who would like to listen to her music again.

  1. Ja Rule.

Ja Rule’s career got destroyed, when he got into a feud with 50 Cent. A feud which didn’t end well, as it got to the peak Ja Rule at one time hit 50 Cent with a baseball bat. Later on his crew stepped in to beat up 50 Cent. Then the rapper Black Child stabbed 50 Cent, Black Child was in the label which Ja Rule was in, the Murder Inc.  label. Then Ja Rule released a diss track for 50 Cents entitled “New York” featuring Fat Joe and Jadakiss.This was not the only truck he released to diss 50 Cent, he also dropped “Loose Change”.

  1. CeeLo Green.

CeeLo Green has faced uncertainties in his career since he decided to leave “The Voice” after four seasons grossing in $20 million in 2011.In 2012 CeeLo Green was accused of sexual battery and spilling a pill in a woman’s drink whom he had dinner with at restaurant in Los Angeles. This was a big blow to his career, the case which took two years and in 2014 the rapper pleaded no contest to one of the charges and was sentenced to three years of probation, 360 hours of community service and ordered to complete 52 Narcotics Anonymous meetings


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