Radio presenter and businessman Maina Kageni lives a lavish lifestyle. From going on holidays in exotic holiday destinations such as the Bahamas, driving sleek rides, wining and dining in expensive high end hotels to living in posh mansions. In this video we will have a look at the rich life of Maina Kageni. Remember to subscribe to our channel and give us a like to support us.


Maina is one of the radio personalities that is highly paid and has different side hustles that add to his wealth. All this thanks to his 6 figure salary every month and other business ventures. The celebrated morning show talk host has invested in real estate in Kenya and abroad; has residential houses in Nairobi and a couple of condos in the city of Miami, Florida. Apart from being a radio presenter on classic 105 Maina has done product endorsements, has a modelling agency and has several business interests within. With lots of cash Maina Kageni eats life with a big spoon.


  1. 2016 BMW X6

With lots of cash to spend his car collection features a 2016 BMW X6 which set him back a cool ksh. 14 million.  This sleek ride features a 10.25” Multi-functional instrument display with Black Panel technology that provides an impressive visualisation of the driving experience. Other notable features include hands-free kit, with USB interface, fixed 10.2” LCD colour display split screen function, has hand writing recognition and voice control, and a built in hard drive for storage of music.

  1. Chevrolet Trail Blazer

Maina also owns not only one but 2 brand new Chevrolet Trail Blazer branded with the Manchester united logo. The 1st Chevrolet Trail Blazer features a blue exterior while the 2nd features a maroon exterior. The flashy cars were a gift from the Red devils team as an appreciation to Maina for being an ardent fan of the English Premiere League club. He is referred to as the ‘Twelfth man of the team’. One unit of this trail blazer costs a cool ksh. 5 million.

  1. Range Rover Sports

Another classy car that is owned by the celebrated breakfast show presenter is the Range Rover Sports. This ultra-comfortable car is powered by a 3.6 litre V8 diesel engine that propels this car to a top speed of 124mph and can accelerate from 0-62mph in 9.2 sec. Its interiors are smooth with great finishes. This Range rover can accelerate to100 km/hour from zero in 6.5 seconds and has a top speed of 220 km/hour. Safety features like airbags and electronic crash prevention aids are also present. He splashed a cool ksh.10 million on this car.

  1. Jaguar XF

The sleek Jaguar XF also finds space in Maina Kageni incredible car collection. Costing a cool Ksh. 13 million its interiors have a very trendy appearance. The seats have been upholstered in expensive leather and the passenger compartment sports a wooden veneer. other Unique features include a rotating gearshift dial, the flush-fitted air conditioning vents which rotate open once the engine is turned on, an instruments panel that uses pale-blue backlighting and a one touch glove compartment.


  1. Mercedes GLE400

Mercedes GLE400 is another sleek ride in maina’s car collection.  It features leather upholstered seats, LCD screens, flush-fitted air conditioning vents which rotate open once the engine is turned on and a powerful music system.  Before taxation this sleek machine set back Maina Kageni a cool ksh. 5 million.

  1. Posh home in Karen

So where does this rich guy live. Maina Kageni owns a posh home in Karen.  His posh home is fully furnished with all the amenities a high end residential property would call for. It is fenced with an electric wall and has security to man the activities. This posh home features a full gym with sauna and steam rooms, floor to ceiling windows, an outdoor swimming pool, its advanced kitchen is furnished with top-of-the-line appliances.


  1. Condos in Miami and Florida

Beside owning a posh home in affluent neighbourhood of Karen Maina owns several condos in Miami and Florida which he has rented out. His condos feature comfy bedrooms, a master bedroom that comes complete with his-n-hers dressing rooms, a bathtub, full bathrooms, a state-of-the-art gym and a huge living room. He paid thousands of dollars for this apartments from his tenants.


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