Since coming out of a coma Lamar Odom always wanted to improve other people’s lives. The former basketball star released his brand of marijuana products, called Rich Soil, which was made to help people with their ailments just like it’s helped him with his ailments. In an interview at Five Star Juice in Torrance, CA Lamar stated “my goal is to get people “healthy high I want to get people better, bro. If I can get ’em high, I can get ’em better.”

The former NBA Champion has been working on the idea for about year. Lmar does not give a damn about haters who think he shouldn’t be in cannabis business. He believes he is a living proof the stuff works. On the other hand he is also making a basketball comeback soon. He has been busting his ass in the gym to get back on the court.  He wants to strike a deal to play pro basketball overseas. According to rumours he is eyeing Italy. He can’t wait to prove his doubters wrong. Among his doubters include his ex-wife, Khloe Kardashian.  So let’s wait and see.







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